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Nursing Leadership


Leadership is behavior that affect to behavior of other people more the behavior that affect of the leader.Leader is the person who is able to guide/direct a group toward the goal
Management is getting thing done by other people or accomplishment of task by one self/directing other
Leadership styles
1. Autocratic
Leader maintain strong control,make the decision and solves all the problem by her/himself.he/she use the fear,authority and insist on getting job done in his own way.
* It will implicates fear of the group.
* Safety morale and productivity are lower
* can be used in emergency situation and staff with less experience
2. Democratic (participative)
Every group member should have input into development of goal and problem solving.
* Lead mainly through persuasive and example rather than fear or force
* Advantage : more effective ,co worker are motivated to support such decision
* Disadvantage : decision process is lengthy
3. Laissez fare ( free rein leadership)
Assume a passive non directive and inactive approach . All decision making is left to the
group with leader giving little guidance (if any support or feedback)
4. Situational
Using s combination of leadership styles based on current situation ,circumstances and events

A group /team is defined as any collection of interconnected individual working together for the same purpose.
Team building defined as process of deliberating,creating and unifying a group into a functional work unit so that specific goal are accomplished.

Why people are join a group?
1. Desire to satisfy psychological drive and primary needs
2.For self achievement
3.To [provide a personal socialization and exchange of idea
4. Group activity can create a sense of status
5. Establish reality
6. Group function as mechanism for getting a job done

What are the standard guide line the group should have?
1. The process that the group undergoes to reach out come
2. The standard that regulate the group behavior
3. The probes of problem solving
4. Communication pattern
5. The role played by each member

Advantage of the group:
1. one vehicles for problem solving
2. greater knowledges and information
3. Higher quality input
4. Increase acceptance of solution
5. More approach to a problem
6. Complex problem are more manageable when member are mixed together to sole the problem
7. Individual expression allowed
8. Low economic cost of the group function

Disadvantage of the group :
Group decision can be derailed at a number of point the process;
- premature decision
- individual domination
- disruptive conflict


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